I don’t believe in this rivalry or so. I mean, I think they both challenged each other to be better, to make better music, yet I don’t think they hated each other or whatever.

They are amazing performers, singers, whatever you name it, in their own right. They’re both geniuses to me. They inspire me so much. I could fangirl about them all day and night, heck years!!!! I have cds and dvds with their music, videos, films, concerts, they’re the only ones that made me actually go this far and search for their every song, lyric, to know their lyrics by heart. They do inspire me so so much.

So yeah, I dunno if I made this clear enough on my tumblr or whatever, but this is something pretty important to me: I love and admire both of them so much. Listening to them makes me feel free in a way that I cannot explain.Their music healed me, took me to another place, it was there at times when my reality was not best. Made my life better, my life’s better with their music in it.

So, if you feel like talking to me about them, please do so, I’d be very pleased :)